NYAFF 2011: The Trippy Romantic Comedy Milocrorze

NEW YORK, July 1 – At the Walter Reade Theater, the 10th Annual New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) screened Yoshimasa Ishibashi’s (石橋義正) Milocrorze: A Love Story. Ishibashi, best-known for his work on the Fuccons (オー! マイキー) television series, greeted New York audiences at two screenings with lead actor Takayuki Yamada (山田孝之).

Prior to the first screening, the festival presented Yamada with the Star Asia Award for his work in both 13 Assassins (十三人の刺客) and Milocrorze.

Milocrorze: A Love Story is a bizarre collection of three loosely interconnected love stories. The first story introduces a boy office worker named Ovreneli Vreneligare. He falls madly in love with the movie’s namesake Milocrorze. The second one is about manic telephone love counselor Besson Kumagai. He basically runs around giving outrageous chauvinistic advice to young men. The last story follows swordsman Tamon who searches across time and space for his kidnapped wife. All three leading male characters are played by Yamada.

The film is a bizarre trippy acid journey with bright colors and early post-modernist sensibility. It essentially patches together a pastiche of 50s pop culture, samurai swordplay, kabuki theater, and his own brand of tongue-in-cheek humor.

During the questions-and-answer segment, Ishibashi explains his creative process and comedic stylings. It seems almost impossible to explain his unique non-linear storytelling and some of the ridiculous elements in the film. Yamada also talks about the difficulty of play three completely different characters in the same project.

Towards the end of the evening, the NYAFF invited the audience to a special reception with both the director and actor. The event was accompanied by free Kirin Beer.

You can find more videos from the 2011 NYAFF on the Random Access YouTube Channel.

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